COUNTRY-FOLK-BLUES (Self-Produced) Recorded Nashville, TN, with Tomm Jutz, Billy C. Grahmm, Sergio Webb, Robbie Turner, Andy Scheinman, Linda McCrae, Vida, Olie, Phil Lee, Pat McInerny, Brent Mayer, Memphis Horns, 2008-2009. Jason’s first full-production Nashville project of commercialesque quality including a long overdue return to the use of horns and the first ever use of pedal steel. No mandolins were harmed in the process of these recordings.

WALKIN’ IN WOODY’S SHOES (Self-Produced) Recorded in Nashville, TN, old and new political songs, 2008-2009. A tribute to the political shift in a more increasingly broken world, “Walkin’ in Woody’s Shoes” includes new communist songs, as well as, never recorded Woody Guthrie lyrics, and a few covers by Utah Phillips, Kell Robertson, Carl Ray Crim and Roger Johnson. ‘

BEHIND THE 8 BALL (Self-Produced) Recorded in Nashville, at home studio, solo demo 14 songs, 2007.

COUNTRYSIDE (Self-Produced) Recorded in Nashville, TN, at home studio, solo demo 18 songs, 2006.

FOR EXAMPLE (Self-Produced) Recorded in Springfield, IL, at home studio, solo demo 14 songs, 2004.

NINE LIVES (Self-Produced) Recorded at WORT, Madison, WI, as solo Demo, 9 songs, 2002.

COME-N-GONE (Self-Produced) Recorded in Austin, TX, with Gurf Morlix, Marvin Dykhaus, Guy Forsyth, Carolyn Wonderland, Slaid Cleaves, Darci Deville, Tom Irwin, Rick Richards, 2001-2002.

RIGHT ROUGH CHARACTER (Self-Produced) Recorded in New Orleans, LA; Akron, OH; Austin, TX; Eugene, OR; DeKalb, IL, with Blonde Boy Grunt and the Groans” Jeremy Lyons and the Deltabilly Boys, Mike West and Myshkin, Butch Trivette, Augie Jr., and “Come-n-Gone” out-takes, 2000-2001.

LAST OF THE MUSZEEKANS (Self-Produced) Recorded in Akron, OH, with Kell Robertson, Blonde Boy Grunt and the Groans, Don Dixon, Jan Bell, 1998.

CAPTAIN STRINGBEANS’ DEAD HEART DAYS (Lucky 13) Recorded in Fayetteville, AK, with Augie Jr., Still on the Hill, Dave Moore, Susan Shore, 1998.

A STREAMLINNERS DUET (Gadfly) Recorded in Trinidad, CO, with Roger Johnson, 1997.

LOST CAUSEWAY (Flying Fish) Recorded in Austin, TX, with Guy Forsyth., Steve James, Mark Rubin, Matt Cartsonis, Gillman Deville, Bradley Kopp, Tom Pittman, Jimmy LaFave, 1995.

JASON EKLUND (Flying Fish) Recorded in Boulder, CO, with Scott Kirby, Ragtime Annie, Nick Forrester, Mark Diamond, Sean Blackburn, Liz Masterson, 1993.