Two songs featured on Lazy S.O.B Records songs of Route 66 compilations. Volume One has Whats Left of 66 written and performed by Jason Eklund. Volume Three has Pickin California written by Jason Eklund performed by Slaid Cleaves.

2009  Played drums on the Old Crow Medicine Show recording of “Angel From Montgomery” for a John Prine tribute CD on Oh Boy Records, produced by Jack Clement.

2008  Made the Top 10, WSM, AM650, jingle contest for Springer Mountain Farms, all natural chicken, co-written with Ketch Secor, vocals by Jason Eklund with instrumentation by members of the Old Crow Medicine Show.

2008  “Humdinger”, co-written with Kevin Hayes, released on “Tennessee Pusher” by the Old Crow Medicine Show, although not credited.

2008  Cowboy Ghost, a second book, collected stories and poems that aim to capture the spirit of the indescribable west.

Heart of My Song, a book of short stories and word portrait biographies written 2002-2008 with forward written by Richard Dobson:

“As a young man Jason Eklund sought out the old music and dreamed of riding freight trains. With a hunger for adventure and the lure of the road, he set out on the quest for the lost America of Woody Guthrie and Jack Kerouac. And he found it, in incessant traveling from coast to coast; by thumb, freight train, and rickety autos; and especially, on the streets of pre-Katrina New Orleans. This book is about the people he encountered: old time blues, jazz, and country musicians, street singers, poets and painters; a rogue’s gallery of doomed, undocumented, untouchables. Jason became one of them, but with a keen eye and ear for dialect, he took the time to write it down. Many of these characters are gone now, or just hanging on. The paving-over, sub-dividing, and franchising of America goes on unabated, and now in post 9-11 days, it’s a Federal crime to’ ride a freight train. America is forever changed, and changing still; no one knows where it’s going or where it will end. Thanks to Jason for showing us where we’ve been, and yes what we’ve lost; but leaving us with some hope that the old questing spirit yet lives on.”

2007  “She Do the Taboo” recorded by Darci Deville on her release, “Living on the Lucky Side”.

2007  “Bourbon Street Lights” and “Cryin’ over Me” co-written with Rick Sikes, 1935-2009.

2007  XM15, The Village, short story “Kokomo Joe” read for Hurricane Katrina Anniversary Show.

2004  “The Begger Man” featured on the documentary “Colfax Ave.” about the people who experience homelessness and the old Denver active member of The Denver Tent City Initiative.

2002-2004  “Cabbie Song” and “Rain Bo” featured on Loafers Glory, “the hobo jungle of the mind”, hosted by Utah Phillips.

2003  Prodcued three video shorts: Mantis, Red Neckula, Hangman, Nashville, TN, Bumville Productions, Independent.

2003  Extra in battle scenes for The Alamo, Disney remake starring Billy Bob Thorton and Dennis Quaid, as Texian re-enactor, as well as, official camp troubadour with trash duties.

2003  Double-Barrel Gambler, creator of a western themed poker board ‘game with cult following.

2002  Two poems, “Littleton” and “Arizona Song”, published Desperado Press, Santa Fe.

2001  Artist in Residence, SUNY, Oswego, NY, Musical Director and role of Preacher Casey in a stage production of the Grapes of Wrath.