Jason Eklund

press quotes

“While “Come-n-Gone” won’t win any Grammy’s, it has a real magic that comes from its integrity and good times. A good pick for people seeking real, down to earth contemporary folk music.” – Judith Gennet, Green Man Review.

“Whether it’s stripped down country blues or socio-political commie rants or thoughtful introverted pieces, Jason Eklund has a way with words and for delivering them forcefully to the listener.” – Songs: Illinois.

“He’s the Real thing, he won’t ever retire, he can yodel and write also plays the guitar good too.” – Townes Van Zandt.

“You’ve got a gift and I’ll coffee table that.” – Richard Dobson.

“Eklund comes across like a direct descendent of Woody Guthrie.” – Acoustic Guitar (“Lost Causeway”, top 10 office picks).

“Best Folkie: He’s possessed by a strong sense of tradition, an infectious stage manner, a way with words, and a voice that reaches into the soul.” – “Best of Denver”, Westword

“Like a raw John Prine.” – Nick Forrester, E-Town

“He’s a rugged individualist who strays so far from anything even remotely commercial, you may never hear him on the radio but he’s terrific, a real musical working class hero,” – Mike Greenblatt, Country Stars of Tommorrow

“Intelligent and with integrity, confident and captivating, this young singer-songwriter has an incredible stage presence and a charm akin to a musical Jack Kerouac. But don’t let his folk repertoire fool you; he can play some of the grittiest Delta Blues around.” – Spotlight St. Louis

“An energetic and ingratiating performer with an amazing blues band, there’s a natural spontaneous feel to Captain Stringbean’s work like a beat poet on a perpetual road trip.” – Dirty Linen

“The tradition is, very broadly put, barroom blues. The gray team only has a couple of players, Dave Van Ronk and Spider John Koerner come most quickly to mind. The new team has a couple too … Jeremy Wallace, an up and comer, and Jason Eklund, when he’s not Shxxtfaced.” – The Voice, WWUH.

“La produzione impeccable … sarebbe come Dylan … folk singer rigorosso che hail suo equilibrio poetico musical voce.” – Out of Time, Italy.

“Eklund has been around the country too much for his songs to be uniformly classified as country music, and though he shares the slacker attitude with fellow young-poet Beck, he lacks the urban groove that made Mellow Gold so memorable.” – No Depression, Vol. 1, No.1, Fall 1995.

“A Streamliner’s Duet”: “Raw and fierce folk/blues that tears through 14 songs as cold and hard as the blast of the old 97 in the middle of a dark night · run. These songs run from blues, folk and ragtime, to spoken soliloquy. A wonderful record.” – Dirty Linen.

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